Spicebox Success

The Spice Box course required me to apply several years of information to one evening and the fragments I had learned from a variety of classes came together to create a perfect event. We are often told that coursework will one day be needed in the real world, but the fine dining class pulled all of the pieces together right before our eyes. My favorite thing about the Spice Box was the opportunity to create valuable relationships with my classmates, the instructors and in turn the community. Knowing that our classmates are the future leaders of the hospitality industry, the fine dining class allowed us to share managerial experiences and strategies before venturing into the real world. The rate of failure in the hospitality industry is enormous; yet, the Spice Box permits us to learn from our mistakes and improve managerial decision making in a safe environment before facing real world consequences. … My meal in the Spice Box gave me greater confidence in my education and assurance in my future ambitions. — Lauren Murray

My husband and I enjoyed dining in the Spice Box for Valentine’s Day. It was a perfect setting to celebrate and have a special dinner. We both agreed that we couldn’t have had a similar experience anywhere else in Champaign-Urbana. The food was superb and the service was outstanding. We’ll be planning many more returns to the Spice Box. — Marla Todd

The best thing about the fine dining meal in the Spice Box is that every meal is unique and it gives you the opportunity to try interesting food in an incredible atmosphere with affordable prices, especially for a four course meal. — Danita Moberley

Even ahead of the trend for fine dining is our own Spice Box — each experience is a delight in culinary discoveries and the latest themes equal to any excursion for an “evening out!” All of that fun and fine food while experiencing the talents of budding chefs and restauranteurs! And we simply love taking our friends for this culinary adventure! — Alice Vernon

My expectations have been exceeded at the various Spice Box Fine Dining experiences I have participated in. The quality of the food has been superb. I highly recommend it. — Terri Cummings