About Spice Box

The Spice Box is a student-run restaurant associated with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Hospitality Management program.

Seniors in the program are required to take the capstone level course, FSHN 443: Fine Dining Management. This course is an advanced application of food production and management principles to specific foodservice demands; emphasis on artistry in preparation, serving, and merchandising high-quality food in quantity. In this course, each senior is responsible for planning, staffing, executing, and evaluating a financially viable themed fine dining meal. Each student is encouraged to invite and work with a guest chef from the local area or across the country to aid in this fine dining experience.

Each Spice Box dining event has two menu selections: a Prix Fixe four-course meal option and a Special two-course meal option. Specialty wine and beverages are available. Prices vary and are determined by the students. Events are held Wednesday and Friday evenings throughout spring semesters.

Reservations are required and are available in fifteen-minute increments from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Make a reservation. If you would prefer to call and request a reservation via our voicemail system, you can do so by calling 217-333-6520. The student manager responsible for the meal you’re interested in attending will contact you directly to confirm your reservation prior to the meal date.

For more information or to receive menus for upcoming Spice Box meals, contact us.